Befriend Your Sommelier

19 MAY 2022

When you’re out to dinner, choosing the right bottle of wine can present a challenge. You may find yourself staring at a long list of varietals, regions and styles to choose from, while your thirsty dinner companions wait for you to pick a bottle for the table. Sounds like the perfect time to enlist your sommelier’s help.

A sommelier is more than just someone who serves the wine. They’ve studied all things related to wine, from its history and production to its taste and pairings. They’ve tasted most of the wines on the restaurant’s wine list and will be able to suggest a bottle that will pair well with what your table has ordered. In short, your sommelier can be your best friend.


Apart from letting them know what you’ve ordered, let your sommelier know what your usual wine preferences are. A good sommelier will be able to pick up on cues and suggest wines with a similar taste profile. If there’s a particular style of wine you’ve always been meaning to try, your trusty sommelier can guide you through unfamiliar territory. And if you’re lucky, you may end up discovering your new favourite wine.


If you’re up for a few wine adventures, Master Sommelier Mathias Camilleri will be hosting a series of wine dinners across COMO Cuisine, Candlenut, and The Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar. Stay tuned for more updates.






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