Bangkok Half-Day Wellness Package
Half-Day Wellness Package

Treat yourself to a mind and body reset with a half-day COMO Shambhala wellness package at COMO Metropolitan Bangkok.


You’ll begin with a Restorative Yoga session, a deeply relaxing and powerful practice that balances out the stresses of modern life and sets you up for a good night’s sleep.


Next, a refreshing COMO Shambhala Bath treatment that begins with dry brushing and gentle exfoliation before concluding with the long calming strokes of our signature COMO Shambhala Massage.


Finish with a healthy lunch at Glow, which serves the freshest of healthful Bangkok dining options, specialising in light meals, energising juices and blends rich in living enzymes, vitamins and minerals.


This package includes:

  • 60-minute Restorative Yoga for Sleep
  • 120-minute COMO Shambhala Bath
  • Lunch at Glow, which includes 3 courses with 1x COMO Shambhala juice

Dates: Book before 28 Feb 2023 Duration: 4 hours Venue: COMO Shambhala at COMO Metropolitan Bangkok



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