Gin Institute Experience
Gin Institute Experience

What better city to learn about the long, and frequently miserable, history of gin than in London?


Visit the Ginstitute and learn all about this spirit, from its origins as a medicine through the gin craze which gripped Britain for 200 years and onto the Golden Era of gin as a cocktail ingredient and finally to how gin has taken its position in the modern world and the ‘ginaissance’ it is currently.


This 3-hour class also includes a tutored tasting and nosing an eclectic range of pure botanical distillates, after which your Gin Instructor will assist you in blending various botanicals to create your own unique recipe. You’ll be lubricated by a multitude of beloved gin cocktails along the way before leaving the session with a 50CL bottle of Portobello Road No.171 London Dry Gin along with your own bespoke blend to take home with you and enjoy.


All persons attending the course must be at least 18 years old.


On the day of your visit to The Ginstitute please arrive at least 10 minutes before your session starts to ensure your party sits together. Enter through the door on Talbot Road and you’ll arrive into The Distillery shop.


Price: 26,600 Comocredits Venue: The Ginstitute, Portobello Road, London



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