Signature Cocktail Kit
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Signature Cocktail Kit

Kickstart your home mixologist journey with Compendium’s signature cocktail kit.


Each set contains all the ingredients you need to mix delicious cocktails at home, consisting of twin flagship Rojak and Chendol gin bottles, curated mixers, recipes, and garnishes.


Each kit can serve up to 6 of their popular cocktails: the Rojak Negroni and Chendol Sling.


This Signature Cocktail Kit includes: • 1x Rojak Gin (100ml) • 1x Chendol Gin (100ml) • 1x ‘V’ Coffee Vermouth (100ml) • 1x ‘C’ Campari (100ml) • 1x ‘S’ Sling Mix (100ml) • 1x ‘A’ Angostura Bitters (5ml) • 1x Pineapple Juice • 3x Dehydrated Grapefruit* • 3x Dehydrated Pineapple* • 2x Compendium Spirits Signature Cocktail Recipes


Kindly keep dehydrated fruit refrigerated and consume within a month.


Price: 12,200 Comocredits



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