Will Bolsover: Journey to the Wild

10 JAN 2024

Will Bolsover is the Founder & CEO of international tour operator, Natural World Safaris. His extensive, deep-field experience encompasses a vast array of diverse ecosystems from the savannas of Africa to the icy realms of the Arctic. His commitment to wildlife and conservation has redefined the contours of luxury safari experiences.


Comoclubbers can now earn one Comocredit per dollar spent with Natural World Safaris. To launch this new collaboration, we sat down with Will on his recent visit to Singapore, to uncover the moments that have shaped his path. The conversation reveals numerous inspirations on how and where to travel, with trips that will enrich your passion for the natural world.

As the Founder & CEO of Natural World Safaris, Will Bolsover has championed the efforts of some of the world's leading conservation charities.

How did Natural World Safaris begin?


Will Bolsover: Natural World Safaris was born out of a passion for wildlife and conservation. I spent a number of years as a guide, leading tours across Africa to destinations including Morocco, Madagascar, Ghana, Gabon, Sao Tome, the Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic. I helped establish the first ever gorilla trekking safaris in Gabon, and Natural World Safaris was the next natural step. The launch of the company in 2005 united all the skills I had gathered to date. Natural World Safaris continues to grow steadily as we collaborate with expert guides and conservationists to form a network of specialists operating around the globe.


Were your safaris always focused on preserving wildlife?


Will: Sustainability is the cornerstone of the tourism industry. Working in wildlife travel, we really pride ourselves on putting conservation at the heart of everything we do. We’ve always supported grassroots projects at every opportunity to help safeguard the future of endangered wildlife and habitats.


Can you elaborate on the conservation and community projects your company supports?


Will: We actively drive vital environmental efforts on the ground by working with leading wildlife specialists and conservationists to create safaris that showcase wildlife and enable people to be actively involved in preservation work.


For example, we offer itineraries that give people the opportunity to protect the future of giraffes in Namibia, fitting GPS collars and helping collect valuable data about the population. We’re proud to join the leading non-profit conservation organisation, African Parks’ new Conservation Travel Initiative, as one of only a few international travel partners. This initiative will focus on sharing the work of the conservation NGO, African Parks, through one-off expeditions and limited offerings.


Natural World Safaris and African Parks will strive to offer these special expeditions to emerging destinations in its conservation portfolio, namely Zakouma National Park in Chad, the Bangweulu Wetlands and Liuwa Plain National Park in Zambia, Odzala-Kokoua National Park in Congo-Brazzaville and Akagera National Park in Rwanda. These expeditions will highlight the contemporary conservation work of African Parks and attract individuals with a strong interest in funding conservation of African wildlife and communities.


What are some of the most incredible experiences offered by Natural World Safaris?


Will: Natural World Safaris itineraries vary hugely. We are one of a handful of operators allowed to swim with Sperm Whales in Dominica and remain the only operator to place someone in front of a wild Amur tiger in Siberia.


We provide in-depth experiences that put guests at the right place and right time to explore the last wild frontiers. Recently, we launched our RAW (Remote, Authentic, Wild) itineraries, which are a selection of pioneering expeditions outside the norm that reveal a different side to oft-visited destinations.

What is the most memorable wildlife experience you’ve had yourself?


Will: Actually, probably one that involved not seeing any wildlife at all. This was working with one of our Siberian experts tracking and setting camera traps to collate information about Amur tigers in Far Eastern Russia.

  This experience is truly unique as you walk in the footsteps of the largest feline predator left on our planet, setting camera traps to monitor and protect this highly endangered species. Checking the camera trap footage a few days later raises the hair on the back of your neck as you are not sure what will walk through your camera beam. When a Siberian tiger passed through only five minutes after you have set the camera trap you realise that actually the animals are monitoring you rather than the other way round.


What aspect of your work at Natural World Safaris brings you the most joy?


Will: Liaising with clients is a personal favourite. Receiving feedback from clients that have travelled with us in the past and who have had a thoroughly enjoyable and unique experience makes the long days worthwhile. Client satisfaction and providing a truly quality experience are the foundations of the company.


What's next for Natural World Safaris?


Will: To continue to develop new wildlife experiences in new destinations. Throughout the year our team embarks on scouting trips to meet with experts in destinations from Oman to Norway to ensure we can continue to offer what our clients are looking for.


What's your perspective on travel companies' roles in supporting the regions they explore?


Will: It is imperative that we invest in protecting areas that we visit. Local communities in remote corners of the world dedicate so much time and effort in preserving and protecting their homes. By investing locally, we fortify their future and preserve the natural beauty of exotic landscapes.


Will Bolsover's work goes beyond pioneering unique safaris. It's about forging connections between people and the wild. It's about instilling a sense of responsibility and wonder in each traveller. Will's story is a testament to the power of passion and purpose in transforming not just an industry, but also the lives of those who dare to venture into the wild with him. With Natural World Safaris, each journey is a step towards conservation, education, and the profound joy of discovering the natural world.


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