Bloom: A Mother’s Day Guide to Flowers

1 MAY 2024

For many of us, a bouquet of flowers has become a timeless Mother's Day tradition, which falls on 12 May this year. Selecting the perfect bouquet is an art, a way to convey the ineffable. In this guide, we explore the language of flowers, uncovering the hidden meanings behind popular blooms.


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Carnations, symbolising a mother's unwavering love, are a popular choice for Mother's Day bouquets.

Delicate sprays of baby's breath flowers symbolise purity.

Pink roses represent appreciation — a fine way to celebrate Mother's Day and all the mother figures in your life.

Roses are a classic choice for Mother's Day. Red roses are often linked with romance, but can also reflect a mother's fierce love for her children. The gentle hue of pink roses convey appreciation and admiration. White roses symbolise purity and innocence and are a thoughtful nod to a mother's unwavering grace and care.


Carnations, with their ruffled blooms, are also popular during Mother's Day. Pink carnations, in particular, are believed to symbolise a mother's unwavering love. White carnations are used to honour mothers who are no longer with us, reflecting the eternal nature of a mother's love.


Lilies are often associated with purity and motherhood, making them an ideal choice for the occasion. White lilies, in particular, symbolise virtue and devotion, reflecting the bond between a mother and her children. Pink lilies convey heartfelt admiration and appreciation for the women in our lives.

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Tulips, with their graceful form and array of colours, bring a touch of spring and renewal to any setting. Pink tulips are a favourite on Mother's Day, symbolising care and affection. Yellow tulips, bursting with cheerful hues, represent optimism and a sunny outlook.


Orchids are a sophisticated choice, symbolising beauty, strength, and luxury. These exotic blooms are also considered auspicious in Chinese culture. Their longevity symbolises enduring love, a fitting tribute to a mother’s lasting influence.


Sweet Peas have a delicate fragrance and are known for their pastel hues. They are an excellent way to express appreciation for the sweet and nurturing nature of mothers, adding a fragrant touch to your bouquet that gently whispers affection.


Baby's Breath, with its cloud-like sprays of tiny white flowers, embodies the very essence of innocence and purity. Often given in baby showers as a wish for good luck, these dainty flowers would be an ideal choice for new and expecting mothers.


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