The Long and Short of Gin

16 AUG 2023

Gin has long been associated with English culture and tradition, but few know about the secrets that this beloved spirit has kept hidden for centuries—the most surprising of which is the fact that gin isn't actually from England.


The roots lie in the phrase, "Dutch courage": the drink’s origins can be traced back to the Netherlands in the 17th century when its soldiers relied on gin to calm their nerves. It took off in London, and became a social scourge—a craze which gave its name to the infamous Gin Alley in the 18th century. But if gin has one clear quality, it’s the power of reinvention.

This beloved spirit has a most interesting backstory.

During the high days of the British Empire, the ultimate mixer was found in tonic water. Tonic’s quinine helped combat malaria, and gin started to regain its popularity. The first classic gin cocktail was born, with the gin and tonic becoming a social indicator of class and country, from the plush safari tents of East Africa to the gleaming marble-top martini bars of Manhattan.


These days, it’s the base spirit to some of the most popular cocktails in the world, a muse to mixologists all over—and like always, a source for constant reinvention. Small-batch distilleries have also begun experimenting with unique botanicals and flavours, creating gins that stand out from mass-produced brands.


For those seeking to explore its different styles and flavour profiles, The Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar's mixologists Francis Madrigal and Arjay Abaleta offer a range of expertly crafted gin cocktails made with botanicals from all over the world. Here are a few classics from the cocktail list:

Classic Gin Martini

Classic Gin Martini

Gin | Home Blend Dry Vermouth Garnish: Olives / Lemon Twist


Nothing beats a classic, a perfect stirred down Gin and Home Blend Vermouth. Citrus and lightly sweet with juniper forward notes finished with either olives or lemon twist.

Cucumber Martini

Cucumber Martini

Gin | Lemon | Cucumber | Mint Garnish: Cucumber Skewers


The “Cucumber Martini” is a fresh and vibrant take on the classic Gin martini. An easy drink that offers a perfect combination of cucumber and mint that will definitely deliver a refreshing finish.

Sample a gin cocktail with your friends on Martini Mondays or on Ladies' Night every Thursday, all while pondering this resilient and versatile spirit. Save your seats at the bar today.

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Note: While we appreciate a tipple or two at Comoclub, we all try to drink responsibly and hope you do too.