The Mindful Drinking Movement

3 MAY 2023

By now, you have likely already heard of a few people embracing no-alcohol and low-alcohol alternatives. Say hello to the mindful drinking movement – a growing community of people seeking to enjoy the social aspect of drinking without its obvious downsides.

It's a different kind of buzz.

Innovations in Alcohol-Free Beverages


The rising popularity of these no-alcohol and low-alcohol drinks has fuelled a creative renaissance in the beverage industry. Today’s offerings go far beyond the boring, overly sugared concoctions of the past. Renowned mixologists and beverage companies are experimenting with unique flavour profiles, botanical infusions, and innovative techniques to create sophisticated, complex beverages that rival their alcoholic counterparts.


Some notable examples are Copenhagen Sparkling Tea, a Danish company that uses tea blends to create low to zero-ABV beverages, Sachi Soy Wine, the world’s first low-ABV beverage derived wholly from soy, and Melati, a zero-ABV botanical aperitif crafted with Asian botanicals.


By focusing on quality ingredients and experimenting with different styles, these trailblazers are among some of the beverage brands that are changing the game, all vying for a place in our glasses.


Savouring the Experience: A Fresh Approach to Socialising


At the heart of this mindful drinking movement is the desire to connect and enjoy shared experiences without the haze of alcohol. From alcohol-free bars to mocktail masterclasses, people are discovering new ways to socialise that promote conversation and camaraderie, without the unnecessary calories or headaches the following morning.


A few months ago, Comoclub held an afternoon of alcohol-free cocktails at The Bar at 15 Stamford, known for their well-crafted cocktails. The event was met enthusiastically, as guests tried several refreshing alcohol-free creations while chatting with Melati’s founder Lorin Winata.


The Future of Drinking


As the no-alcohol and low-alcohol trend continues to gain momentum, it’s clear that this movement is not a passing fad. Consumers are embracing these new beverage options and seeking out experiences that align with their values and lifestyles. The beverage industry is responding in kind, with creative offerings that cater to a broad range of preferences and occasions.


This thirst for change signals an exciting future for the world of drinks, as we continue to explore new ways to enjoy our favourite flavours and social experiences. The beauty of this new wave of beverages lies in the diversity and choice it offers, allowing each of us to find the perfect balance that suits our individual needs and preferences.


If you are curious about the world of no-alcohol and low-alcohol drinks, there has never been a better time to explore. Browse the Comocollection for some options.

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