The Non-Hiker's Guide to Bhutan

24 JAN 2024

Bhutan often conjures images of intrepid hikers navigating the rugged trails of the Himalayas. Yet beyond its well-trodden paths and dramatic, snow-tipped ascents, Bhutan has plenty to offer a very different kind of traveller, at a gentler pace — peaceful experiences using COMO Uma Paro or COMO Uma Punakha as your base.

Experience Bhutan from a different angle.



Begin each day with a session of yoga at COMO Shambhala's yoga studio at COMO Uma Paro. Embrace the ancient practice in the purest of environments, with expert instructors who guide you into a harmonious mind, body, and spirit.


Blessing Ceremony


Partake in traditional blessing ceremonies, an intimate experience that connects you to Bhutan's rich cultural heritage. These rituals, performed by Buddhist monks, incorporate the tradition of exchanging ‘khadar’ — white scarves symbolic of devotion and affection in Bhutanese culture — which bestow wishes of joy and prosperity.


Hot Stone Bath


Indulge in a traditional hot stone bath, an age-old Bhutanese healing practice. The bath, infused with Artemesia leaves and heated river stones, encourages profound relaxation (and a much better night’s sleep). The hot stones crack and steam to releasw minerals that relieve deep-seated stress. The treatment concludes with the signature COMO Shambhala Massage.




Explore Bhutan's national sport: archery. Learn from expert locals who will guide you in proper technique as you practice hitting your targets against a backdrop of sweeping valleys, pine forests and snow-capped mountains.




Embark on a scenic drive through Bhutan's breathtaking landscapes, with a full day of easy stop-offs on the journey from COMO Uma Paro to COMO Uma Punakha. The winding roads take you through lush valleys and traditional villages. The high mountain passes are always a highlight.


Nestled in the pristine valleys of Paro and Punakha, COMO Uma Paro and COMO Uma Punakha offer the epitome of Bhutanese hospitality. Every detail is crafted to ensure an unforgettable stay, offering a path to inner peace and joy without the trek.


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