The Proust Effect

19 JUL 2023

Humans are hardwired to connect scents with emotions. Freshly baked bread stirring a comforting memory of Sunday mornings spent in your grandmother's kitchen. The smell of citronella that reminds you of sunset garden parties. A salty sea breeze that transports you to carefree summer holidays. This emotional recall is called the Proust effect, where certain smells can evoke vivid feelings and memories.


Scent has a powerful connection to the brain’s emotion and memory centres. Essential oils, widely used in aromatherapy, have distinct aromatic compounds that not only trigger memories but also have direct physiological effects on the brain. When you breathe in these scents, molecules send messages to your limbic system, shifting mood, emotion, memory and behaviour.

The Proust effect is an interesting phenomenon where smells can trigger a flood of nostalgic memories.

COMO Shambhala's signature essence, Invigorate, is an uplifting blend of pure essential oils including French lavender, Chinese geranium, Australian blue gum eucalyptus, and Mediterranean peppermint. It’s been the scent our Comoclubbers connect to their happy COMO vacations, available in COMO Shambhala’s all-natural bodycare, haircare and scented candles.


Lavender's herbaceous scent contains unique compounds that interact with your brain's neurotransmitters, sending a message to your nervous system that relaxes the body and promotes sleep. The freshness of eucalyptus is energising and stimulates clear thinking. Geranium's floral aroma fosters calm and emotional stability, making you as resilient as the flower itself. While individual reactions to essential oils may vary based on your personal chemistry, COMO Shambhala’s Invigorate blend will help bring down anxiety and stress. It’s an invitation to take a moment, feel, and recall — all courtesy of a perfect jar of aromatic wonder.


COMO Shambhala's Invigorate candles come in 2 sizes—150 grams and 220 grams. Both are available for redemption and purchase online or at our COMO Shambhala spas worldwide.

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