Alcohol-Free Cocktails with Melati

20 OCT 2022

One of Singapore’s most popular bars was buzzing last weekend and it had absolutely nothing to do with alcohol.


It was a full house, with Comoclubbers eager to try the creative concoctions crafted by The Bar at 15 Stamford's resident mixologist Edriane Lim, known for their artisanal and bespoke cocktails.


In collaboration with Melati and The Bar at 15 Stamford, we invited our top dining Comoclubbers to an afternoon of alcohol-free cocktails made with Melati: the popular Melati Classic and an exclusive sneak peek of a new flavour called Melati Fresh.

Master mixologist Edriane Lim hard at work.

Comoclubbers happily sipped their mocktails and chatted with Melati founder Lorin Winata.

The Provenance of A More Mindful, Alcohol-Free Lifestyle


Amidst the elegantly-appointed setting, Melati founder Lorin Winata personally sat down with our Comoclubbers to take them through the story behind Melati, a botanical aperitif that is blended and bottled in Singapore. Crafted alongside an Ayurvedic specialist and food scientist, Melati does not attempt to mimic the flavour of traditional spirits but rather embraces its complex flavour profile and restorative properties.


Made with 26 rare botanicals such as goji berries, raw cacao, sencha, red kampot pepper and star anise, creating delicious alcohol-free beverages was hardly a challenge for veteran Edriane. He worked together with Lorin to perfect the recipes for the four exclusive cocktails served at the event–all of which were made with Melati Classic and Melati Fresh.


Four New Exclusively Crafted Beverages with Melati


While the well-established Melati Classic has notes of herbaceous goji berries, hibiscus, warm spices and rich cacao, the new Melati Fresh takes inspiration from our tropical setting, with notes of guava, green mango, fresh lime rind and aromatic basil. The set of cocktails using each aperitif as base had distinct flavour profiles. Deep, earth and full bodied for Classic, elevated with notes of citrus and apple, while the Fresh cocktails had more light and zesty notes, refreshing accompaniments on a bright and hot afternoon.


  • Savoury Melati: Classic Melati, olive brine, citrus, honey
  • Fresh 75: Fresh Melati, citrus, honey, Perrier Sparking water
  • Spicy Pineapple: Fresh Melati, pineapple, citrus, oolong tea, chilli
  • Coconut smash: Fresh Melati, citus, sugar, coconut water

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